Tiger Gagan's slide guitar playing is ferocious fun. He puts his songwriting on songs that will be fun for the audience. He does this using electric guitars, usually a Telecaster, with homemade tube amps he builds himself. That's tube amplifiers, old fashioned style. He gets a fine raw sound that's filled with excitement and fun. He performs as a solo act, singing and playing slide guitar,and also as leader of the instrumental blues rock and surf trio Wild Animal. It's slide guitar, it's ferocious, and it's fun.

tiger@tigergagan.com Nashville, TN (615) 649-2996

Ah, you intrepid soul! Welcome to the free download page. If you have found your way here, you deserve this free tune, the flagship track from Wild Animal's second CD Wild Animal plays for... Lovers, Dancers, & Vagabonds

We hope you enjoy it, and thanks for listening!

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What's A Name

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