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The amp I used on the Wild Animal CD is a tube amp that I built myself. The output is a single-ended single EL84, which means low power, even less that an old tube Fender Champ. However, don't think that low wattage means wimpy. For a taste of just how ferocious 6 watts can sound, have a listen to Swankin'. Or, on the mellow side, how about Dream Girl?

See? After hearing that lusciously ferocious yet delicate slide guitar sound--oh yeah, it does work for non-slide playing too, !--you must have it for yourself, right? For a mere $648.72 plus actual shipping costs, I will build you this amplifier. The circuit wired into the chassis only, that is, no speaker, no cabinet. It includes tremelo and Fender-type reverb with a full-sized 3-spring reverb tank. If you have any question, please e-mail me tiger@tigergagan.com
Tiger Gagan's slide guitar playing is ferocious fun. He puts his songwriting on songs that will be fun for the audience. He does this using electric guitars, usually a Telecaster, with homemade tube amps he builds himself. That's tube amplifiers, old fashioned style. He gets a fine raw sound that's filled with excitement and fun. He performs as a solo act, singing and playing slide guitar,and also as leader of the instrumental blues rock and surf trio Wild Animal. It's slide guitar, it's ferocious, and it's fun.

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