Tiger Gagan, aka Tim Gagan, is a left handed slide guitar player. His slide guitar playing is ferocious fun. It's like Elmore James and Link Wray going to surf together. Tiger Gagan puts his songwriting on songs that will be a whole lotta doggone fun for the audience, with electric guitars, usually a Telecaster, and homemade tube amps he builds himself. That's tube amplifiers, old fashonied style. He gets a fine raw southpay sound that's filled with excitement and fun. He also built his own lefty guitar, that red Telecaster. He performs as a solo act, singing and playing slide guitar, and also as a leader of the instrumental blues rock and surf trio Wild Animal. It's slide guitar, it's ferocious, it's fun.
Photography: Dave Alfaya

Elmore James and Link Wray never played music on a southpaw guitar. They both used an amplifier; Elmore was known to use a Magnatone amp, while Link Wray cut holes in his speakers to make it sound more exciting. Elmore James was also known to modify his amps and guitars, and his music had a profound affect on Tim Gagan.